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    Tamora Stekindo International, Sdn. Bhd., Bayan Lepas

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    Tamora Stekindo International, Sdn. Bhd., Bayan Lepas
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    Сompany address: Bayan Lepas, Malaysia
    Tamora Stekindo Sdn. Bhd. 20 Jalan Sungai Air Putih Bandar Baru Air Putih
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    About enterprise Tamora Stekindo International, Sdn. Bhd.

    PT Tamora Stekindo (Tamstek) is an international micropropagation company based in Medan, Indonesia. We produce micro-cuttings propagated by tissue culture of (mainly) ornamental species like lily, hippeastrum (amaryllis), statice, aquarium plants (around 30 different species), phalaenopsis, cordylines, zantedeschia, canna, yucca, etc. Tamstek also has experience with potatoes and banana. We have an annual capacity of around 4 million units and are growing at a steady rate. Our customers are international breeders and growers. Currently we export products to the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Spain and Brazil. We are expanding our business and are also looking for new export areas. We offer our services with security of intellectual property at competitive prices. Tamora Stekindo International , founded in 1995, is a 100% Dutch owned company and has been under Dutch management from the beginning. Minimum order sizes and delivery lead times: Indication of minimum order is 20.000 plants per shipment Delivery lead time of an order is 6 – 12 months In general the procedure for a formal production order is as follows: The customer and Tamstek agree and confirm an order which stipulates how many plants are ordered, at what price and the plant delivery schedule. The customer supplies the mother-stock material and protocol. The customer guarantees that he is the rightful owner of the plant material or that he has permission from the rightful owner to multiply the plants Tamstek sends monthly stock reports and also reports on any possible delays or problems in the production. The buyer will be notified about the shipping dates and details. Plants are packed as fresh as possible and cooled before shipment.
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